May 24, 2011

Review: Mine by Jill Noelle

Author: Jill Noelle
Publisher: Noble Romance
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In a decadent empire of the far distant future, Gabriella is chosen to serve as a sexual companion for the king. However, Brie has no intentions of joining the Select Few. In fact, she has another mission, that is destined to alter the future of the kingdom's poverty-stricken population.

Michel also serves the king. It's his job to train Brie to suit the king's sexual preferences. Trouble is, Michel wants Brie for his own.

Mine by Jill Noelle was not exactly what I was expecting. Part historical romance, part futuristic fantasy and a whole lot of erotic goodness and yet this novella still managed to have a great story line that kept me interested. Easily devoured in one sitting, this is a great quick read that really delivered.

The world building was actually pretty impressive given a length of only a little over seventy pages with great descriptions and a wonderful atmosphere that was filled with quiet tranquility with underlying tension that was wonderful. The idyllic peaceful palace is anything but and as the story progresses it becomes clear that the same can be said of the characters as well. A world where nothing is exactly as it seems, this makes for a great setting filled with betrayal, intrigue and a great forbidden romance.

The characters themselves are interesting if not a little two dimensional, but again in such a short time, you can't expect miracles. In truth, all things considered, I thought Noelle did a wonderful job of creating characters that seemed serene on the surface only to reveal that underneath they're far more intricate and complex. And while the dialogue at times was a little mundane and simplistic, even a little laughable in a few places, it only ended up serving as yet another facet of this seemingly utopian, dystopian society.

The romance was good, simmering actually, with some really heated sex scenes, but again, as can be surmised of a two dimensional character, the relationship was a bit lacking. However, the tension between characters really added to the immediacy of the relationship. On the other hand, what I didn't really enjoy was the fact that it was purely physical. Sure, there was a history of friendship between them, but I didn't actually get the impression of any shared intimacy other than in the bedroom. So naturally, when the idea of love is being thrown around I had to sort of scoff a bit. But, again, in terms of the story, it fit perfectly well and wasn't a deterrent as it sometimes can be.

The storyline itself was quite good with action and intrigue. The murderous plot to assassinate the disgusting and cruel King added a bit of spice that I really enjoyed reading. In fact, Noelle's writing style was quite good showcasing her wonderful storytelling ability, a skill I feel is often overlooked especially for authors of novellas where the story is what really draws you in. While I feel that this story could have benefitted from being a bit longer, it was concise and surprisingly detailed.

In the end, this is a good story with a great plot, interesting premise and a romance that quickly reached a boiling point. Definitely a wonderful read when you're looking for something short and sweet, with a bit of a spicy twist.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Scars

Advisory: Strong sexual content

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Short and sweet = awesomeness ;) Sounds like a great book.