June 10, 2015

Review: Triggerfish Twist by Tim Dorsey

For a summer read, the Serge Storms series is a can't miss to make you feel the tropical Florida heat. In this edition, Triggerfish Twist, you'll be drawn in to the not so scenic Florida coast and an adventure that will keep you reading!

Foremost, the thing that makes me like this series are the characters. Cleverly writing with a great realism that makes you really love them. These three dimensional characters seem to leap off the page and be one of "those" people that you can relate to no matter the difference in circumstances that surround them.

However, there were a few down falls to this book, that while not detrimental to it's enjoyment caused me a few moments pause.

First off, to me there was a bit of a fail when it comes to the plot. The plot is not clear throughout most of the novel and caused me to feel like what I was reading was more random than anything else, however, I do have to say it does come together, mostly, by the end.

The other major downfall to me was the editing which was a major fail. Sentences just seemed to randomly begin and end as new thoughts pop up without any relation to the other. Grammar and punctuation come and go randomly at the whim of the author, seemingly.

While these are not major deal breakers for me, it did make reading a little more painful and aggravating, and as a reviewer, worth mentioning and dinging the overall score of this novel. However, don't let these little pitfalls detour you should you be in need of an entertaining read this summer.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Scars

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