June 11, 2011

Update and Changes to BLR

Hello kiddies! Just popping in to give a little update because a lot of things on this site are about to change. Mainly it's in large part to that fact that I am now back at school which takes up most of the day and then the night is mostly spent studying. And boy, let me tell you, if you think being an EMT is easy, think again. Seriously, you should really appreciate what those people have to know and do on a regular basis. I knew it would be difficult, but just the sheer amount of knowledge that has to be absorbed in short amounts of time is mind boggling.

So what, you may be asking, does this have to do with you? Well, that means changes. Lots of them. To accommodate requests and keep writing reviews, it's going to become a delicate balancing act, to say the least. For right now, I'm going to try and keep changes to a minimum and try and keep this site as active as I possibly can. That means that I've been trying to transition in my good friend to assist in this process. So naturally, this means that a lot about reviewing is going to changed and will be the most altered aspect of this site.

For one, novels from large publishing houses and authors who send hard copies will be given top priority. This is due in large part to that fact that I will have a copy that either myself or my reviewer will be able to take with us and read when we have a chance. For large publishers, I will still be trying to read these novels in a timely manner and have reviews posted within the month of publication. But, there is still going to be a decrease in reviews that I am able to post per week. For example, instead of having a new post daily, I will be lucky to be getting 2-3 posted a week. However, I am going to try and off set this with more information in the form of promotional material for books that are upcoming or books that I am or have read that I want to promote a bit.

Indie authors will be the ones to take a bigger hit here. I will still be reviewing them and accepting review requests, however, the selection process will be a lot more discriminate with far more novels/novellas passed over. If you have already been accepted by me, please don't worry. All novels that I have on file are still in line for review, I just can't promise when the review will be posted. These will also begin to be delegated to assist in getting the word about your novels out there. I know you depend on reviewers promoting your novels and am still dedicated to assisting and offering fair and in depth reviews of your material.

So finally, I just wanted to stress that BLR is still going to be active and will still be trying to maintain the high quality of reviews that you have come to expect. Features will still be offered and any author interested in hosting a Guest Post or giveaway through this site, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a date and time for that to happen. As I said, I do still want this site to be active, even if it isn't with the constant posting of reviews. And for readers of this site, if there is anything else that you would like to see added here, please let me know! I'm always interested in viewer ideas on how to expand this site and make it more interesting to it's visitors.

I do apologize for this sudden change, but I did not realize the amount of time and dedication that this course work would require. However, that said, it is definitely worth it and am looking forward to all of the clinicals and skills that I will be learning over the next two months. Though, I will definitely miss the ability to read for pleasure whenever I please. But, together, we will make this work!

Happy Reading!!

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